ExtraHop September TL;DR

A quick refresh of what you may have missed in cybersecurity for September

Welcome to the first edition of the ExtraHop Tl;DR! This is your place to get the highlights on what we’re talking about this month. You can also get these stories sent to your inbox or watch our video broadcasts every third Friday on our LinkedIn page.


Gartner Quick Answer: How to Respond to a Supply Chain Attack
Do you have trust issues? With the rise of advanced attacks, it’s important to stay prepared and to know who’s on your network. In this report, Gartner explains how to build an incident response plan to deal with supply chain attacks.

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Supply Chain Global Risk and Financial Services

The complexity of the software supply chain increases risk for any organization, and as we have learned from SUNBURST, these attacks are stealthy and destructive. This industry report focuses on financial services and the increased operational challenges brought on by the pandemic. Learn how complete network visibility helps your business take back the advantage.

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ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 for Education

It’s September, and many kids are heading back to school. As parents worry about health risks in a pandemic, administrators are concerned with ransomware attacks which increased 100 percent from 2019 to 2020. This spike can be partially attributed to the rise of remote access for online learning with untrained users and strained IT resources. This solution brief teaches us that schools can maintain future remote education while improving their security posture.

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The Tricks and Treats of Cybersecurity

It’s almost October, which means Halloween and Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To celebrate both, we’re passing out a few treats in exchange for your spookiest, most action-packed cybersecurity ghost story. Thrill us with the threats that have haunted your network or wow us with a story of triumph. You could win a great prize!

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