ExtraHop October TL;DR

A quick refresh of what you may have missed in cybersecurity for October

Welcome to the spooky edition of the ExtraHop TL;DR! This is your place to get the highlights on what we’re talking about this month. You can also watch our video broadcasts every third Friday on our LinkedIn page.

Secure Microsoft 365 with ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360

Monitor Microsoft 365 activity and the rest of your hybrid enterprise with a single, simple console. To learn more, watch the video, read our Microsoft 365 monitoring integration page or visit your Reveal(x) 360 console admin panel to activate the integration and get started today.

You can also watch these videos to get the most out of the new integration:

Jesse Muños – ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 + Microsoft 365

Chase Snyder – 4-Minute Crash Course on Microsoft 365 Security

SANS: 2021 Top New Attacks and Threat Report

What are the biggest threats affecting your industry? Get the details from the SANS Threat Panel as they break down the most prevalent attacks.

Accelerate Zero Trust Adoption with Reveal(x)

Zero trust mandates are increasing. Learn how your organization can adopt a zero trust framework quickly and with minimal risk.

Threat of the Month: Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software intended to encrypt files, making necessary data or systems inaccessible to their target. Attackers then demand a ransom before they’ll relinquish control.

From the ExtraHop Blog

Take a look at some of our recent stories.

What’s New in 8.6 and Reveal(x)

Stay on top of your network security with investigations, keep key stakeholders informed with detection notifications, and gain even better device visibility, all in Reveal(x) 8.6.

See also: Sending ExtraHop Reveal(x) Detections to Microsoft Teams

Understand and Detect vCenter Vulnerability Exploitation

VMware disclosed security flaws with serious implications for organizations using vCenter. Find out what you can do to reduce exposure and monitor your network for compromise.

Reveal(x) 360 + AWS Control Tower

Learn how the Reveal(x) 360 integration with AWS Control Tower removes friction and automates provisioning and deployment to unify visibility, threat detection, and response at scale.

In Other News

Read, watch, or listen to some interesting news from around the internet.

Apple Zero-Day Exploit on Older Macs

Software updates are important—even for older devices. Find out what new exploits target and how you can protect yourself from malicious malware.

Endpoint Still a Prime Target for Attack

Most security professionals cite the endpoint as a top defense priority. Discover what Dark Reading found from a recent survey and learn how some organizations plan to beef up security.

Facebook Outage

Facebook along with Instagram and WhatsApp went down in early October. At first, this appeared to be an attack. It was actually an internal error made by Facebook. Mitchell Clark over at the Verge wrote an interesting piece about the outage, going in-depth into how Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) works.

What is BGP, and what role did it play in Facebook’s massive outage?

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