Endpoint security software that are able to defend any endpoint against any type of attack

Next-Level EDR all-in-one platform

SentinelOne is a great example of an innovative and comprehensive EDR solution that provides proactive threat detection with hunting and response capabilities that enable organizations to detect vulnerabilities and protect IT operations better than ever before.

SentinelOne is the industry’s most recommended EDR solution. This is because they, as the only supplier on the market who offer full protection against both malware, exploits and insider attacks. They are the first – and so far only – supplier to be independently certified as a full-fledged antivirus replacement for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Unlike a traditional antivirus solution, SentinelOne protects all endpoints – not just the individual layer. They use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the behavior of a potential threat.

SentinelOne is therefore always ahead and is not dependent on daily scans or updates, they can deal with cyber threats both during and after they are executed.

SentinelOne all-in-one platform:

  • Protect against threats before they happen
  • Analyze potentially harmful processes and act on them
  • Scans to identify threats that have made their way into the network but haven’t yet done damage
  • Automatically make endpoints immune to newly discovered threats
  • In real time, show how malware behaves while it is attacking you.

LogSearch has a very close partnership with SentinelOne, as we aim to offer our customers the best services and the best products on the market.

Cyber threats are a huge challenge for larger organizations today. Threats are increasing both in quantity, but also in complexity and sophistication. For many organizations, remote working and the cloud revolution have greatly increased the complexity of the security of their infrastructure, applications, users and services.

Therefore, we recommend that you learn more about SentinelOne.

With SentinelOne you can

Threat detection

Real-time threat detection supports immediate response that mitigates detected threats before they harm IT ecosystems. SentinelOne uses a behavioral AI feature to recognize malicious actions and patterns. Threat detection is used to detect advanced forms of malware attacks. The integration of AI ensures that threats are detected in good time, reducing the effects of ransomware and phishing attacks.

Threat hunt

Organizations should make it a goal to have a proactive threat detection process rather than a reactive process. Proactive threat hunting ensures that attacks are detected before they reach corporate networks or infrastructure. SentinelOne delivers fast query times and advanced threat hunting actions. The advanced actions include pre-indexed investigation of context to understand the motive behind cyber attacks.

AI-assisted prevention

SentinelOne integrates AI on endpoints to prevent attacks in real time. The integration of AI ensures that threats are quickly removed and dealt with before they can affect network systems. The SentinelOne prevention model can be more effective than legacy antivirus solutions as it produces only a low amount of false positives while focusing on preventing real threats.

Automatic respons

SentinelOne uses ActiveEDR to respond to problems within a network. ActiveEDR integrates behavioral AI and is capable of surgically reversing and removing malicious activities. Organizations can automate the response process to ensure it happens in real time. The AI-assisted response ensures that devices connected to corporate networks can individually respond to threats in real time.

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