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18 cybertrusler du skal undgå i 2023

The complete guide to enterprise ransomware protection

The role of NDR in you security strategy

NIS2 (Network and Information Security Directive)

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What is XDR?

Defining the Value in Security’s Hottest Buzzword   Ever watch the old ’80s cartoon the Smurfs? If you did, you may recall a quirky pattern in Smurf language, where everyday adjectives, verbs, and nouns were replaced by the word smurf: “I smurfed into the smurf for a smurf!” It’s a fun word, but without context, […]

SentinelOne Debuts at the Top of MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Deception Evaluation. See Why.

Released May 25, 2022, MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluation Trials – Deception is an inaugural evaluation that expands the ATT&CK Evaluations landscape to evaluate vendors on their deception capabilities. The evaluation can dramatically increase analyst confidence in detection via high fidelity tripwires, causing the adversary to waste time, money, or capability, and potentially provide vendors critical […]

How to Stay Ahead of the Adversary in 2022 | A Cybersecurity Checklist

Rarely a week passes by without news of another company being breached, a ransomware attack crippling critical infrastructure, or a data loss event causing millions to suffer a loss of privacy. On the other hand, these same organizations are trying as hard as they can to safeguard their customers, their data and their reputations. So […]

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