Dream Team

Meet the team that makes cyber problems and threats disappear.

Dream Team

What our customers say

“I have previously worked with LogSearch on several occasions and therefore have full confidence in them. I really like the way they work. They do not work with standard solutions, but thoroughly familiarize themselves with the individual company and its needs.”
Read the entire case in Danish here.

Lars Falk
IT responsible
North Zealand Fire department

“LogSearch’s experts are able to solve our complex IT challenges faster than anyone else. They are indispensable for the Capital region and that is why we have a fixed agreement with them.”

Anita Kragh Nielsen
Head of Section, Operations Management
Capital Region

“We have been running a proof of concept test on the Extrahop solution for a period of time, and are very satisfied with the result. We have also carried out a CIS-18 analysis, and we can see that Extrahop can handle up to 10-12 of the 18 requirements. We are very satisfied with that,”
Read the entire case in Danish here.

Bayram Polat
IT Security Consultant
Fredensborg Municipality

The gray eminences


Claus Norrbohm

Jørgen Hoffmeister
Senior Network Analyst

Stig Nielsen
Senior Network Analyst

Lasse Petersen
Senior Network Analyst

The one who is listening

Call me for a conversation.

Hjalti Jacobsen
Sales director
2262 6379

The one who smiles

Write me an e-mail to hear more about ExtraHop

Silke Køster Bjerge


Ham der er til at handle med

Kontakt mig hvis du vil høre mere om LogSearch

Peder Bjerge


ExtraHop consultants

LogSearch has some of the country’s best consultants.
We have not yet encountered a problem, where we have not been able to pinpoint where the error or threat is located.

Season ticket

Order a season ticket and get a 20% discount on the price.
The ‘durability’ of our season ticket is until the last hour is used – without an expiry date.


Analytic software for specific vulnerabilities

  • Security scan, External, internal.
  • Application Security Analysis
  • LOG Siem solution
  • Network Detection and Response/NDR.

Performance Monitoring:

LogSearch are specialists in application performance monitoring

  • Troubleshooting
  • DNS
  • A.D
  • LDAP
  • Web services
  • Databases
  • Citrix


Trouble shooting
Performance measurement on switches, routers,
firewalls and undefinable “noise”

Network optimization:

LogSearch offers to optimize your network

Is the network filled with regulations on equipment and policies that have been replaced or changed?

LogSearch helps with efficient clean-up, so we ensure that the network is running optimally, so that you can get the most out of your current IT investment – for as long as possible.

Application responsetime measurement:

When was the last time you checked your performance?

Do you remember to check if performance is the same after upgrading to a newer version on an existing application?

LogSearch is ready to test response times after completing the upgrade, so you can be absolutely sure that your applications run as efficiently as before.

VMware vSphere

and related products such as Horizon View

  • VMware vSphere Health Check (Free)

    Review of the environment physically and logically, incl. analysis tool from VMware
    Report on the observation including recommendations and suggestions for improvements

  • Upgrading VMware vSphere

    Checking of hardware according to Vmware HCL, upgrading vCenter & host Firmware
    Upgrade ESXi hosts, assist in updating VMtools and HWlevel


Infrastructure architecture, Wireless infrastructure, Firewall, VPN, MFA, Certificate validation, Cisco Switches, Cisco Firewall, Meraki

  • Advice and sparring

    Advice on all aspects of the IT environment, from hardware, licenses, finances, security, suppliers to operational automation, etc.

  • Design & implementation of networks

    Design of network infrastructure, selection of components, procurement and delivery, setup and installation, testing and documentation

  • Secure Wireless Infrastructure

    Divided guest and company networks, certificate based validation for company units, setup of access points and controllers, testing and documentation

  • Secure external communication

    Firewall, validation, DNS Fence, MFA, scanning, logging, monitoring

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