Our mission

LogSearch helps when others give up.

Complex IT solutions often lead to complex challenges. Fortunately, we have experts and the technology to solve these challenges.

Cyber threats cannot hide. We have some of the world’s best EDR and NDR solutions available.

A Dream Team made up of very passionate people.

IT consultants who, through industry knowledge, transparency and good service, help organizations take their IT security to the next level, so that threats and problems do not reoccur.

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About LogSearch

Knowledge is power and should be shared with others. Trust is good, control is better. Many proverbs and sayings establish the fact that the best results are achieved with exact knowledge – not guesswork. Still, many trust ‘caregivers’ and feelings. LogSearch A/S monitors your organization’s traffic and network, and guarantees that it is optimized and performing at its best around the clock. We also ensure that security is top notch and that all applicable rules and laws are complied with. We give you an overview and secure knowledge based on your data combined with our experience. experience. In other words; we can tell you if something is wrong, where it is wrong, and who can solve the problem for you – we can also solve the problem for you ourselves if it falls between two chairs. . .

Behind LogSearch A/S are the three founders: Peder Bjerge, who acts as the company’s CEO, and Claus Norrbohm and Lars Boelsmand, who are both partners in LogSearch. They all have extensive knowledge from the IT industry and extensive experience behind them from companies such as Olicom, Multi-inform, NWorks, Ymor and Atea. The three have chosen to combine their skills in areas such as monitoring and logging, security and data handling including GDPR, performance management and troubleshooting at all levels from endpoint to perimeter protection. LogSearch A/S works closely with the sister company IT-Attention to ensure the customers’ operation and security.

Our vision

All companies should have the best IT products and the best consultants available.

Peder Bjerge

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