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Learn how SOC and cybersecurity teams can defend against even the most advanced cyber threats.

Leave attackers nowhere to hide

with NDR
(Network Detection and Response)

The NDR approach involves being able to use network traffic analysis to investigate abnormal behavior and risk activities through all layers.

ExtraHop makes it possible to get a bird’s eye view of all network traffic and the performance in the entire organization. NDR helps you identify affected devices by tracking the real-time east-west traffic associated with a suspicious device.

The LogSearch advantage

Stopping a breach requires knowing exactly what you’re up against. SentinelOne and ExtraHop Reveal(x) is the only solutions that shows you not just where intruders are going, but where they’ve been. SentinelOne and ExtraHop is built for enterprise scale yet delivered as easy-to-use SaaS solution. Discover complete visibility across the entire network – even when traffic is encrypted. With cloud-based AI, you’re able to find threats in real time, and react much faster then what you are capable of now.

LogSearch is the only Danish ExtraHop gold partner.

We have been recognized as a valuable partner that shares ExtraHop’s mission to stop advanced cyber threats through a world-class product, ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360.

We are very proud to have a close partnership with one of the world’s leading Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions.

“ExtraHop and NDR, makes it possible for us to analyze all network interactions in real-time and utilize machine learning to identify threats, deliver critical information and ensure that IT problems and threats do not reoccur.”